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Custom Membrane keypad & Rubber keypad Manufacturer

​​​New Dream​ Technology Co.,LTD

High Performance Membrane Switches

New Dream  is a design and manufacturing partner that is invested in your product's success.  We have a proven 30 year track record of bringing the customer's vision to life.  

QUALITY:  New Dream  guarantees our keypads & switches to perform and operate as designed. Our engineering staff have a combined 50+ years experience.  

INDUSTRIES:  We are an approved supplier of membrane switches for a variety of industries including consumer, indstrial, medical and automative. Our customers include GE, Siemens, GM and Ford among many more.  

FACILITIES:  New Dream  has full production and prototype capabilities Shenzhen, China.  The staff at ND's factory in China are trained in US manufacturing methods and quality control.    

PRICING:  Our facilities operate on lean manufacturing principals.  We strive to improve efficiencies and reduce over head to provide our customers with optimal value.  We are ready to meet the demands of global manufacturing.  There are no minimum order quantities.  

PROTOTYPES:  High quality fast turn-around in 5-10 days. With our rapid prototyping system we can get you high quality custom membrane switch quickly with the specifications you need. NDT has in-house digital printing and laser cutting for affordable fast turn-arounds. Prices start at $500 for basic rapid prototype membrane switches.

View our product gallery for more membrane switch design ideas.

Our expert sales associates & designers can help design and build the right switch for your job. Whether your membrane switch or membrane keypad is used indoors or outdoors we can match the materials and the construction to the environment so that your switch meets and exceeds your expectations.

Membrane keypad Constructions:

Technology information:

Capacity:  1 to 1,000,000

Printing Methods:  Screen print, roll-to-roll, offset & digital processing 

Digital Printing: Roland UV printers offer high quality low volume printing option for small volume & rapid prototype production.

Lighting Features:  Integrated LEDs, backlighting, EL lamps, fiber optics

Design Options:  Embossing, dead fronts, tints, tactile response

Outdoor Applications: Gaskets, design review, & material selection for any environment

Circuits: silver, copper flex (FPC), & printed circuit boards (PCB)

Metal Keypad: durable high quality construction.  Custom & stock designs.